Protech Plumbing Services


Protech can provide many different plumbing services and products.

Some of the products we supply are faucets, toilets, sinks, kitchen sinks, garburators, water softeners,

Renovating your kitchen and bathroom?

We can help you re arrange you water lines, drainage piping as well as gas lines.

Other services we provide are

-extra outside water lines, to make it more convenient, rather than dragging extra long garden hoses around.

-water lines to your refrigerator, fridge ice maker,


-toilet, sink, bathtub installations

-dishwasher installs

-Garburator supplied and installed

-water heater replacements

-water main shut off replacements

-bathroom faucets

-kitchen sink faucets

-Drain Cleaning, camera inspections on drains

-water softeners supplied and installed

-reverse osmosis systems

-furnace repairs

-UV Bulbs in furnace ducting

-Hepa furnace filters







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The last 20 years have seen many changes in fireplace styles, efficiency.

These can be installed almost anywhere in your home.

Garage Heaters

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We carry different styles and brands.

A heated garage makes Calgary winters much more bearable


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Invest in a product that can save you over 30% on your heating costs.

There have been a lot of huge technology advances in the last several years.

Outdoor Living

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Barbecues, Patio Heaters, Fire Bowls, Fire Pits, Tube Heaters, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor Fireplaces