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A very important part of our business is keeping you warm.

A lot of people nowadays are spending a lot of time in their garages for many different purposes. We offer many different options for keeping your garage warm.

With today’s advances in high efficient furnaces you can save a lot of money in your home heating costs.

The newer furnaces offer you a lot more comfort as  well as saving money on both gas and electrical. You can save 35% on our heating bills in many cases with a new high efficient furnace. The sooner you have Protech Gas Fitting install your new furnace, the sooner you start saving money.
The high efficient furnaces have come down in price compared to when they first come out.

Saving over 30% on your heating bill can pay for the new furnace in no time.

Can’t afford one right now? Finance. Put the money you are saving towards your payments now.


Our Products & Services

Fireplaces - The last 20 years have seen many changes in fireplace styles, efficiency. We carry a good selection of gas fireplaces and inserts which are made to install into existing wood fireplaces. Click Here for Details.

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Heaters for the Garage and Patio - Reclaim your garage and patio/deck from the cold with one of our heater options. Easy to add to any space. Click here for Garage Heaters  Click here for Patio Heaters

Furnaces and Central Air Conditioners

Furnaces & A/C - We carry and install efficient and affordable furnaces for every budget and home, but we also carry central air conditioners to keep your home comfortable no matter what the season. Click Here for Heating Click here for Cooling

Outdoor Living - firetables, patio heaters, fire pits

Outdoor Living - Turn your yard into another living space with a new gas fire table, or outdoor fireplace.  We can run a new line cleanly and quickly to suit your needs. Click here for details.