Engineered and Manufactured in Canada

Napoleon knows Canada’s tough winters.

They didn’t have to go to far to test this unit.

Napoleon Ultimate 9700 Furnace



You won’t find a better looking furnace.

Just because it is hidden in the furnace room doesn’t mean it can’t look good.

Napoleon’s patented SureView burner system allows you to see the clean blue flame burning.

Did we mention this furnace is very versatile.


Different Furnace Positions


Napoleon 9600 Series Furnaces – YouTube



The 9600 saves energy with it’s two stage gas valve and it’s ECM variable speed blower. Running at 10% full time it circulates the air in your home, eliminating cold spots while saving 80% in costs over a conventional fan




The Vortex Turbulator inside the heat exchanger extracts the maximum amount of heat from the burning natural gas.




Napoleon Vortex Turbulator Burner


 Napoleon 9600_series_gas_furnace_napoleon


Heat Exchanger Warranty






If your furnace is 25 years or older you can expect to save 35% or more in gas savings this.

Often we hear that this old furnace will last another 15 years.

Yes it may. It is kind of like of driving an old truck for the next 15 years.

It runs smooth, but it only gets 8 miles per gallon and uses $200.00 worth of gas every week.

Some of the other advantages of this furnace

  • Aluminized Steel Triple Pass Heat Exchanger
  • Stainless Steel Heat Recoveery Coil
  • In Shot Burners Multi Port
  • Two Stage gas valve
  • Self Diagnostic Control Board
  • ECM Variable Speed Blower
  • Insulated Cabinet to reduce sound

















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