In memory of JESSE
June 28, 1993 – July 10, 2009

Jesse joined Protech Plumbing in August of 1996 at the age of three.

We were working at his former owner’s home installing a gas fire pit in his backyard.

Being the very friendly kind of guy he was he had to get right in there to sort of help.

The job took a couple of days so we became good buddies.

His former owner had gotten him as a puppy and being the owner of four restaurants, the family was very busy.

Jesse wasn’t getting the care and attention that he needed.

His former owner knew how much Jesse loved people and he could see that we loved dogs.

Noting how we took to each other, Jesse’s owner asked if I knew anyone who was looking for a dog.


Well I wasn’t really looking for a dog but I couldn’t really say no to the offer.

He looked a bit rough but I could tell he was a very special character.

His former owners just didn’t really know how to properly take care of him.

Jesse had been tied up every day, never rode in cars, never went for walks, and was very overweight, his fur was all matted as he hadn’t been groomed for quite awhile, his claws were so long they were curled around his paws.

At the time he weighed 42 lbs., he went on a diet and within three months we got him down to 27 lbs. which he stayed at.

His fur had to be shaved right down but thereafter he went to the groomers every two months.

We would have to say he cleaned up pretty good.
Other than being on a leash to go for a haircut or to the vet he never again had a leash or was ever tied up.

Jesse went from being tied up all day, mostly by himself, to going to work and cruising around in a new air conditioned truck all day long, meeting people, and he loved it.

There his main duty was public relations. His job was for every customer or business associate we ran into during the day, was to leave them with a smile.

With his handsome looks and his magnetic personality the job just came naturally to him.

He especially knew how to charm the ladies.

Jesse rarely missed a day at work up until he was about 13, where he decided to go into semi retirement and just help out around the office for his last three years.

There his duties were to help everyone keep a positive, calm and enthusiastic perspective on everything which he also did quite well.

Jesse is sadly missed by the boy’s at the morning meetings which he attended every morning right up until his last day.

Rest in Peace



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