Protech Plumbing and Gas Fitting Inc. is a Calgary based business which specializes in natural gasfitting, the supply and installation of gas appliances and general plumbing

We have been in business in Calgary since 1982.

We started out doing all types of plumbing, gasfitting and heating jobs.

Around 1988 we started contracting to Atco Gas doing gas lines, gas fireplaces, garage heaters, gas ranges, barbecue lines, dryers.

Around this time we also started doing all the gas work for the major fireplace retailer in Calgary.

We started to focus mainly just on the gas side of the business getting away from the plumbing side.
It just made sense to specialize in the one area, as we figured we had efficient systems in place for running gas lines.

It is impossible for a plumbing truck to be set up as well as our trucks are for gas.

It is just too much to have everything required for plumbing and trying to add what you need for gas lines.

We now have three first class gasfitters on staff.

Aside from new home construction we are doing about 5% of all the gas permits taken out in Calgary each year

All of our jobs have a first class journeyman gasfitter on your job site, no apprentices are working unsupervised.

If you require any kind of gas work please give us a call and we will promptly get your project done.

Because we run a very lean and well managed operation keeping our overhead very low we can offer you substantial savings.

Aside from reasonable prices we offer

  • Over 30 years experience in gas fireplaces
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Exceptional workmanship
  • Lifetime warranty on workmanship
  • $5,000,000 million liability insurance
  • 40 years experience
  • No money up front


There are two main avenues for pricing – hourly or by the job.

What I believe works best for us and also yourself is flat rate pricing in almost all cases.

Maybe it doesn’t work for some companies for the type of work they are doing, but we do really know our business and we do know how long it will take to do a job.

Would you not want to know exactly what your costs are before we start the work? At least you can get accurate quotes this way.

If we are charging $500.00 for a gas line why should you pay someone else $800.00 by the hour for the exact same job just because they are not organized and take much longer to do get the job done.

Getting a job done quickly does not mean that it is been rushed. Usually a job taking longer is due more to inexperience, poor workmanship and a lack of organization.

Getting a job done by the hour can be kind of like playing the lottery, you’re going to lose a lot more times than your going to win.

If we can get in and get a job done quickly and efficiently, we can get on to the next job and you can get back to work, golfing, shopping, or whatever it is you like to do, when you don’t have to waste your time.

Time is valuable for the both of us. It’s a win-win

Sometimes a job will end up taking longer or will be more of a problem than we thought.
In this case it works out better for you because we are not charging by the hour and we stand behind our quoted price.

If you don’t like our upfront price tell us you will see us later.

There is an old saying that says if you want a job done properly and quickly give it to a busy person.
We are always busy.

Gas Fitting is not a commodity. No two companies offer the exact same service at the exact same price.

Some companies charge too much and other companies don’t charge enough.
A lot of times the one’s that don’t charge enough, cut corners to save on costs.
Then again there are companies who charge too much that also cut corners to make more money.

We get many calls to fix up jobs done by the “low cost contractors”, after the home owner can’t get them back to fix up problems or not taking out a permit.

Getting a company that can do your job at a reasonable price, in a timely manner, has been around for a long time with an excellent reputation, takes out all required permits, has proper insurance and WCB, guarantees their workmanship unconditionally  will give you peace of mind now and for many years to come.

Another common call we receive form home owners is, they have sold their house.

The sale is held up as the home inspector noted that a gas permit wasn’t taken out when a contractor previously did an installation.

They are wondering if we can come in and take out a permit  and have it approved. It isn’t that simple.

If everything is all closed in, the inspector can make you take out ceilings and all the finishings around a fireplace in order for him to see if the work was completed properly.

Not something you want to do when your home sale is closing.


Our Employees

Honesty and integrity are unconditional.



Clean and Neat

Fully Certified

Our Customers

Without you the customer we are not going anywhere.

The top sales people in our company are our past customers.

There is no better advertising than a referral from a past customer.

Our business has been built on this philosophy.

If we do a gas barbecue line for you this year we want to come back and install a fireplace, heater, gas range, etc. if needed in the future.

If a relative or neighbour needs gas work done we want to do the job for them as a result of your recommendation.

There are a lot of our customers who have been dealing with us for over 25 years.

With that in mind we know that you are not going to pass our name on to a co-worker or friend unless we have done an exceptional job.

If you’re not happy with our work we have lost your possible recommendation forever.

A lot of companies do not like what they consider picky customers. You want your job done properly to your standards.

We have found that customers that some would consider difficult are usually end up being our best source of referrals.

We have had many repeat customers for over 20 years. We have worked with a lot of the same contractors for over 25 years.
They appreciate just making one phone call and we take care of the rest of the job, schedules, permits, inspections etc.

They can get on with their work and not have to worry about their customer being unhappy.


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